Monday, August 8, 2016

8.7.16 #SejongistheBest

 last picture with Lee SeungWoo before he transferred
This week was pretty hectic but urned out great!  I got my 3rd baptism haha,  So this lady is the wife of a semi less active(its cause they travel around the world for their tour business but he comes whenever he is in town)  We've been meeting for a while and he's always wanted to baptize her and eventually go to the temple but she just hasn't wanted to, but 2 weeks ago she accepted the date and yesterday she was baptized!!  it was really awesome for them :)  But this week during studies i really gained some revelation on HOW IMPORTANT THE BOOK OF MORMON is to our conversion.  That through the truthfulness of the BOM we can know the truth of the whole restoration and principle the church has ever put out.  I was reading in alma 36 and the is where alma the younger is speaking to his son Helaman and the whole thing is just a big Chiasmus!  How could J Smith ever formulate that?  cause it took me just an hour of study to just mark and link all the points haha.  Every time I search deeper into the Book of Mormon i realize how impossible it would be for J Smith to fabricate such a book and how much it really does testify of the divinity of the Savior Jesus Christ.
Anyways, it was the first week of the transfer and its always good to start it off with a bang.  Especially since its my 1st in SeJong we just need to keep the fire going because people are prepared we just need to find them as soon as possible and at the right time.  Its been really hot lately and just constant sweating buckets but were surviving!  i love it out here, we were talking to one kid and we asked if he loved his family and so far i haven't met a teenager here who isn't a member who said they did but he said "no, they're kind of a burden"  and i asked if he'd ever been away from home? and he said no and i told him "you know before i came here i really just wanted to be with my friends all the time, thats where the "fun" was but having been away from my family for a year I miss the heck out of them now, i realize how much they Truly cared about me and how much a heaven on earth being with them was.  Despite whatever we may think I've realized the only place we can find safety and true happiness is within our families and God gave us families for our benefit and growth.  Thats why the gospel message is so important, is so that people can realize that "the same sociality that exists here with exist hereafter but in a glorified exalted state" so that we can focus on who we really are, what we need to do to prepare for where we want to go.

JungSongHahk and Her husband
us with President Madsen and his wife!

SeJOng Missionaries!

Heo ShinHang - YongIn, Korea
Sister Uhl - Provo, UT
Sister Hullinger - Greenie - Bountiful, UT 

a kid pool next to our apartment

Weird telephone pole by the mission office ha

Elder Foster took my camera