Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9.25.16 Update

Elder Vidal and I with Rival Shirts 
Garbage Truck 

Church Building from our apartment 

Random Concert we found on our way home in Yueseong

People from Ecuador 

Elder Fosters Family came to pick him up, visiting the Sejong branch.

It says Gongju city
North Korean nuke potential in the News paper....

Views from our apartment

Views from our apartment

Wedding hall

Wedding hall, Elder Kind and I found on splits

Monday, September 12, 2016

9.11.16 New Companion, District Leader, and Yummy Food

In Gongju for District meeting and ate some pizza Tangsooyook in which i took a photo with this cute dog
Well, this week was crazy! We got transfer calls and............................................Elder Heo got transferred to Jeonju.  CRAZY  and i got a new companion here in Sejong named Jahng Won Jin and I'm staying for my 4th transfer here, what a blessing!!  and I also became District Leader for 4 areas and 13 missionaries which is the biggest district in the mission and all in highly productive areas sooooooo I've been a little stressed out of late to be honest haha. Theres been a LOT of prayers thrown up to Heaven and a lot of study from PMG and training resources.  Other than that our most progressing investigator dropped us and doesn't want to meet anymore so that kind of threw us for a whirlwind yesterday...and since here in Korea this week is Chuseok(the biggest holiday of the year) no one can meet and all the members are out of town so, woot woot we are gonna have to see some miracles!  But, Elder Yoon Hwan Choi of the Seventy is doing a mission tour with us on Wednesday and I'm SUPER excited for that because I remember our last mission tour in March with Elder Whiting of the Seventy and you could just feel the spirit so tangibly and strongly while he spoke and testified of the divinity of the Savior and this work.  Other than that i love my new comp, he's 22 and he's been in the field 5 months so despite becoming senior comp Im still younger than everyone haha.  Anyways, things are difficult but I know that the Lord is looking out for us and his children and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  As i was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 교리와성약 where in liberty Jail Joseph and other leaders were incarcerated in Liberty jail, their afflictions where obviously indescribably horrid, however it brought me to read in the October Liahona the account from the diary of Parley P Pratt where he says he escapes and was going to a state over to see his family but then he heard a voice saying..." For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." Straight out of Matthew 16.  He subsequently turned back and faced imprisonment with his brethren in the Lord and Gods chosen prophet.  They there after experienced the terrible hardships of Liberty in Missouri harshest winters to date.  However, through this experience he learned a powerful lesson and so have it.  No matter what hardships we are 'CALLED"(these hardships are callings, like bishop or RS Prez, in which we are chosen to experience and endure) to pass through, Christ will be our strength and our Rock and we shall progress and grow to eventually become the refined godly, righteous, spiritual being we were meant to become here :)
My new companion- He's a bit on the short end but he has a big testimony!

Before Elder Heo left we had SulBing!

In Gongju for District meeting 

JEJUS loves us 

Sejong lake Park at night


Taking Elder Heo's stuff to the post office to send to JeonJu

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

9.6.16 It's been a while... Lots of picture!

New transfer board picture

This week was good and we we were able to meet 2 new investigators through teaching baseball here but none of our investigators were able to come to church this week which was a real bummer but there will be better days ahead :)  tomorrow is transfer calls so you wont know if I'm leaving or staying until I've actually left or stayed haha

Two weeks ago....
Time just really flies ive realized....but I really want to stay in Sejong cause this week we found 2 new investigators and 1 is incredibly golden and a less active just starting back out when he found out there was a church in Sejong and his father isn't a member so we started working with him and next transfer if things turn out there will be 3 baptisms :)  But the Lord's will be done of course.  I love Sejong and the members are great and the Stake High Counselors and Presidency has come to our ward for 4 weeks straight and keep saying that Sejong is the place where the majority of progress has come out of the stake as of late despite being a branch, so that was just a continuous compliment to the branch members and the Lord for blessing us here cuz you know we as missionaries don't do anything but what the Lord does through us and how the ward/branch takes care of the RC's so its just a testament to the fulfillment of the promise that the work will roll forth and continue until the coming of our Lord Christ.  So much has happened here this transfer and its become the most productive area in the mission, not to mention the Yuseong Ward which is also in the district has been cranking out work so Originally when i first got here as a greenie Daejeon was just very stale and hard and Gwangju was "the promised land"  but as of the past 2 transfers things have for some reason flipped and Daejeon has just has its heart softened and the work is progressing so fast!  I love it here, i love the people, and this work is the Lord's work.  By continually following his lead and looking for his correction and guidance we will find ourselves on the path to saintly characters becoming like our Savior Jesus Christ more and more everyday.  
This is just Daejeon near the Expo park 

Me and Elder Heo visiting Less actives...

Elder Heo sleeping on pday...

Food trucks in Sejong

 Fountains at the Lake park in the middle of the city

This is What fruit loops are called in korea.. 
Korea Presidential library-Sejong
Last pday we had a zone activity....Olympics!!!   We played basketball, ping pong, Cho koo(mix of volley ball and soccer) and we divided it into   Teams   KOREA, UTAH, EAST USA, WEST USA.  KOREA won Ping Pong, WEST USA won Cho Koo...crazy game and also basketball!  

P-day olympics 
P-day olympics Cho koo

This was  awhile back but this is called   Pee Tong  Pizza Tongsooyook or Pizza Sweet and Sour Pork.   Its the most delicious thing ever, weve become addicted haha.

Shopping complex 
Random river

This is Elder Hernandez on splits with me.  He's from Honduras and this is his first time having moms touch...he returns home next transfer.

Here he is with Elder Choi  HongJoon

We ate this stuff called JjimDak 찜닭 with Yuseongs investigator who got baptized yesterday and it was sooooooooooo good

We went to a place in our area where no missionary in over a year has been called Jochiwon and we just though no one lived there but it turned out to be quite largish so we had an appointment there with some 7th day adventist guy.....heres the famous market there.  its like 30 minutes away from sejong by bus



One night there were NO people on the streets and we were confused but we heard this sound from afar and we followed it to find one of Koreas most famous Rappers doing a free concert by Sejongs Lake Park  Soooooo many people but no one really wanted to talk obviously ha

I stole these next pictures from the mission fb page.... zone conferences, baptisms, etc.....