Friday, August 14, 2015


My Comp Elder Bradshaw is cool, he's from Payson, UT and 90% of the missionaries here are from Utah.  The whole District and Korean Branch really get along!  We're all friends and the Korean is coming along.  Half of us are going to Daejeon and the other half are going to Busan. Then the older classes are going to Seoul and Seoul South, Arcadia, Ventura, Anaheim and Morris Town, NJ haha.  The 3rd day they already gave us an investigator who only speaks Korean! So my comp and started teaching her and I felt so dumb speaking with her the first two times haha.  But its crazy how we've had 5 lessons and I can already have a conversation with her about her life and religion!  I need to learn a ton more vocab because that's really the only thing that matters but the Gift of Tongues is REAL.  The MTC is great now and the days fly by after the first week, it's hard to think we'll know so much Korean at the end of the 9 weeks because of how little we know now but I have faith...I really needed this, I needed to foster my relationship with my Heavenly Father more than what I had been doing. 

Mission Prep

I took my endowments out on July 23rd in the Spokane, Washington Temple 
My amazing parents 

  I was set apart as a missionary by President Larson on August 2nd 
President Larson said, "Forget all the advice that you've been given up to this point! You need to rely on the Spirit 24 hours a day. The Spirt will tell you what side of the road to walk on, whether you walk with your head up or down. Which door to knock on, and who to talk to... Work so hard that you have to take a nap for 2 days when you get home."

My Mission Call

I can't wait to serve the Lord and the people of Korea for the next 2 years as a representative of Jesus Christ!!!