Monday, June 20, 2016

6.19.16 Its a new transfer so we are hitting the ground running

We actually have a couple miracles the past week with one of our investigators who doesn't live here but works here 5/7 days a week.   he Lives in a city called Suwon and we've invited him many times to go to church but he hasn't for 4 weeks and we were about to drop him but he went this week in Suwon!!!  He said he really liked it and will want to bring his family because his daughter is starting to become a trouble maker and needs religion haha.   Also a referral we got seemed like a guy who just wanted to bible bash at first but when we met he was sooooo interested in the message and doctrine that he just asked "So how much do I have to learn before i can get baptized?"  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! haha so tender mercies from the Lord...The area is still beautiful, the members are great and......what else could be better?  Its a new transfer so we are hitting the ground running.

We got this burger thats REALLY popular here at this restaurant called Lotteria. It's the" Mozzarella in the burger" burger hahaha  Super stringy cheese!
This is a pin you get if you complete the language learning and missionaries requirements our mission president made to improve our Korean and teaching skills.  I got it 2 transfers ago but hers a pic ha  

 Got the package!!!!

Sister Weston's mom came to Korea because she's going home and they wanted to tour Korea together and her mom became her investigator and got baptized at transfer meeting! :)

Skywalk thing in Daejeon Downtown

Monday, June 13, 2016

6.12.16: Life is Good

I talked to this kid and his dad, they're super interested in hearing the message and the kid was soooo dang cute!  This is us on the subway
The Branch president drew this of us. 

Branch Presidents daughter put this in Elder Lee's hair haha

Elder Lee and I 

Elder Lee trying to figure out the cube.

Elder Medina and I found this dog while on splits. 

Heres Where we live in Daejeon  - YuSung-Gu 

I took Elder Lee out to Sulbing (shaved Frozen Milk and cheesecake and berrys) Super good....some are in LA i think.  

Me waiting for the subway.


Elder Lee caught Elder King and I of guard at Pork Belly

Unlimited food at pork belly... not sure what part of the pig we eat though.... 

Zone Conference

Young Men in our Branch