Monday, June 13, 2016

6.12.16: Life is Good

I talked to this kid and his dad, they're super interested in hearing the message and the kid was soooo dang cute!  This is us on the subway
The Branch president drew this of us. 

Branch Presidents daughter put this in Elder Lee's hair haha

Elder Lee and I 

Elder Lee trying to figure out the cube.

Elder Medina and I found this dog while on splits. 

Heres Where we live in Daejeon  - YuSung-Gu 

I took Elder Lee out to Sulbing (shaved Frozen Milk and cheesecake and berrys) Super good....some are in LA i think.  

Me waiting for the subway.


Elder Lee caught Elder King and I of guard at Pork Belly

Unlimited food at pork belly... not sure what part of the pig we eat though.... 

Zone Conference

Young Men in our Branch

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