Monday, April 25, 2016

4.24.16 A great, yet a hard week!

The baptism dropped, here's the story. Its crazy.  The night before he was gonna get interviewed he sent a random text saying "Cant I rest?!  Its all just so hard just leave me alone?"  We hadn't talked to him since Sunday and this was on Friday night.  He was so happy on Sunday, mingling with members, laughing while helping clean and was so excited for the baptism.  Ive had another investigator in December do the same thing where just 1 hour before his interview we met and had questions about black people, garments, endowment, etc which we answered pretty well and he was content but he said he didn't feel like he should be baptized and dropped.  It was so sudden for both of them compared to what their attitudes were like just days before.  I've never seen such 180 turnarounds as in missionary work and I realize its because Satan works sooooo hard to get them to change their minds, much harder than normal so they cant receive the saving ordinance of baptism.  It was devastating but you always have to move forward and not let it affect ya.  Were praying for him now and getting his friends that are my recent converts to talk to him and see whats up.  Lucifer is literally the worst but Ive seen him work harder on me and our investigators than I've ever witnessed before...which is just a testament to the veracity of this work.

I was in the church newspaper here in Korea

University of one of our investigators

University of one of our investigators

Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Great Week! 4.17.16

P-day bowling 
This week was good mostly because of the great lessons we were able to have with our investigator 김상현b who came to church even though got up late and really got to mingle with the members at our ward 식나 after church.  He's fitting in quite well and having our RC's 박민종b and 최태민b to back him up and go through the journey is making things look super good for his baptism this Sunday.  Our other investigators 장검수 will probably need to be postponed if he cant meet this week and 손영섭b and his date was dropped but will be reset when we find a date where he will be ready to make the commitment, probably in June.  After taking the initiative to tell members about our investigators and to talk to them when they see them, they responded amazingly.  During the ward meal it was a lively atmosphere of even 김상현 wanting to help clean and talk with the members.  Outside of that, we were not able to meet very many investigators or members this week but things will pick up.  This week while 박선빈장로님 is out at 군대 its will be hard to get stats for the team but it will be a good challenge :)  Finding will be our focus, and utilizing the members as much as possible cause we see they are the key.

Here is a little part in a letter to my parents... that I thought I (Heather) would add... 

The atonement is just soooo deep and wonderful...cant help but share that with people.  yeah 2/3s to go! haha    I'm definitely always uncomfortable during my mission haha.  I realize i have confidence in myself but I'm never truly COMFORTABLE like i would be at home, and its definitely cuz im "becoming" what Heavenly Father wants me to be as I stay worthy and work hard.  When Elder Whiting of the 70 visited us in Gwangju he said"relating to the tsunami story" that God the Father has already lost 1/3 of his children.  That's like saying Craig. Adam, April, Laura, Daniel, Michelle would make it to the celestial kingdom but Heather, Me and (Wyatt) haha now have no chance.......How would you feel?  That's how God feels x10000.   So how much more effort would make sure you put into not losing even one more child of yours!  Hence this missionary work we do full time and as members saves god that grief and gives his children that chance to be with their Heavenly Mom and Dad in Heaven again.  it put things in perspective for me.

My dad taught me well... changing out the grease exhaust system at our apartment that hasn't been changed in 12 years....

HanBok Shopping 

I met hyunjun RYU on the dodgers....

Where they played the World Cup in 2002 

World cup stadium 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Asia culture center


City Hall 
Old Korean Bell 
Colored Trees Downtown 
Comp and I  
Old Korean Bell

Slugs North District  
Rich area