Monday, April 25, 2016

4.24.16 A great, yet a hard week!

The baptism dropped, here's the story. Its crazy.  The night before he was gonna get interviewed he sent a random text saying "Cant I rest?!  Its all just so hard just leave me alone?"  We hadn't talked to him since Sunday and this was on Friday night.  He was so happy on Sunday, mingling with members, laughing while helping clean and was so excited for the baptism.  Ive had another investigator in December do the same thing where just 1 hour before his interview we met and had questions about black people, garments, endowment, etc which we answered pretty well and he was content but he said he didn't feel like he should be baptized and dropped.  It was so sudden for both of them compared to what their attitudes were like just days before.  I've never seen such 180 turnarounds as in missionary work and I realize its because Satan works sooooo hard to get them to change their minds, much harder than normal so they cant receive the saving ordinance of baptism.  It was devastating but you always have to move forward and not let it affect ya.  Were praying for him now and getting his friends that are my recent converts to talk to him and see whats up.  Lucifer is literally the worst but Ive seen him work harder on me and our investigators than I've ever witnessed before...which is just a testament to the veracity of this work.

I was in the church newspaper here in Korea

University of one of our investigators

University of one of our investigators

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