Monday, May 2, 2016

5.1.16 I'm getting transferred!

 I'm transferring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Im heading SeJong which is the half capital of South Korea, because they moved half the government from Seoul to a new city they just built.  So its a pretty darn new area!  Im super excited. ( He is leaving his first area... he has been there for 5 transfers (7 months). 

 I just received my transfer call.  It will be interesting leaving 농성 finally and heading to 세종, Im especially excited for the challenge!  It being a newish area and all Im so ready to apply everything I've learned so far and use it there.  This week was very good, we saw a lot of miracles, meet with a few LA's whom seem a lot more interested now but said its hard to come because of the building being so far away.  We started working with them and hopefully next week they will be able to make it out to church.  We also met our old investigator 이재원b on the street randomly and had a lesson that night.  He said he wanted to come back to church and he did end up coming this week!  He will be a slow process but once he is baptized because all his co-workers and friends are members he will have good fellowship(which he already does now)  to keep him going and Endure to the End.  이승우 장로 and I will work hard and try to keep 세종 going strong.  I have felt the Lords direction and love so much this week and have been lifted up when things seemed dim at times.  This is the Lord's work and every soul is of worth​
Comp and
Gwangju Stake Center

Catholic church

Reminds me of my dad's house 

The dust on the top of my suitcase from not moving it for 7 months....5 Transfers

Eating with Elder Groves 

Fun with Elder Groves 

Less active's sons wedding

Few million dollar houses we found. 

Old town replica we found in the middle of the city 

Our house 

Yankee stuff at a restaurant! Go Yankees
Random Grave 

SongJeong Market 

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