Monday, May 23, 2016

5.22.16 Another Great Week in Sejong

Sejong Bus Stop 

With the wonderful members that are so willing to do missionary work, going together as a branch and visiting all the less actives together really I think will bring them back out to church as we show our love and keep inviting them to activities.  This week was good because we got to meet so many new investigators, and see their interest spark.  This next week we are shooting for all the lessons to be member lessons so they can get acquainted with the branch and make it less awkward to come to church this sunday.   This week was just very good with the branch becoming one and finding so that our investigator pool grew so that we can have that "quantity turn in quality" and get some baptisms coming into SeJong.  정송학s' husband 최전희b is leaving for 2 weeks for scandinavia for business so we plan on visiting her for short visits at her store and re cement the principles and extend a baptismal date for the 18th.  I believe as we frequently meet and follow up with her she will be able to come to church and receive baptism.  It was a great week and through my studies and teaching I've reinvigorated my love and testimony of the atonement.  Through answering questions and seeing people who don't have a background knowledge of Jesus Christ's sacrifice really helped me see how all of us are sooooo blessed with that wonderful gift. I translated an international business deal for one of our was awesome haha

Pig intestine at the market

Downtown Sejong shopping 

Samsung Ward Area 

Samsung Ward Area 

Elder Medina being silly 

He spilled sauce at the buffet
Korean Market

Korean Market 

The meat Buffet "I ate 5 plates" 

Elder Lee and I 

Yankee Station

Monday, May 16, 2016

5.15.16 Sejong Update

Huge sculpture in Sejong 
This week was very good.  We were not able to meet very many current investigators, but we were able to meet 2 New Investigators off of referrals(not from members).  One is in high school and through meeting he has opened up a lot and I think as we continue to meet he will be up to coming to church.  As well as this other new guy, he's very into baseball and has a family of his own and we extended a soft baptismal invitation and he said as we continue to meet and his faith strengthens he would be wiling to change and follow Christ.  

We were able to create some great relationships this week with the members through many visits and working together through the branch preaching activity yesterday.  I realize there a lot of women and not a lot of men in the branch,  so I know we really need to pick things up on that side so we intended to visit that less active you told us about,  but his mother was sick so we weren't able to meet.   But this week we will try again and continue to get our quality investigator pool up.  

SeJong really is a gold mine with members who are wanting to help us all the time and with a city full of people who are willing to listen to the message.   It's a wonderful area with so much potential and we are going to try to expound on that potential in the next upcoming weeks.  I know this is the Lord's work and that he is always watching over his missionaries as we are obedient and search for his will.  The Church is true and the more opposition and different religions I come across My testimony grows and I see what a difference and what a blessing it is to have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and have eternal families.  There's no doubt in my mind Joseph Smith was a prophet no matter what anyone says about that man, he was good, honest and tried his best to follow the Lord.  We are all imperfect but thank our God for Jesus Christ and His atonement.  He is true and pure love.  

-Elder Cody Benefiel

Church Entrance  

Church Entrance 

Scarament meeting room 

Church Building
Cave by the Church 

Convention Center 

Lake Park 



Sculptures in Sejong 

Park/Cave by the Church 

Monday, May 2, 2016

5.1.16 I'm getting transferred!

 I'm transferring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha Im heading SeJong which is the half capital of South Korea, because they moved half the government from Seoul to a new city they just built.  So its a pretty darn new area!  Im super excited. ( He is leaving his first area... he has been there for 5 transfers (7 months). 

 I just received my transfer call.  It will be interesting leaving 농성 finally and heading to 세종, Im especially excited for the challenge!  It being a newish area and all Im so ready to apply everything I've learned so far and use it there.  This week was very good, we saw a lot of miracles, meet with a few LA's whom seem a lot more interested now but said its hard to come because of the building being so far away.  We started working with them and hopefully next week they will be able to make it out to church.  We also met our old investigator 이재원b on the street randomly and had a lesson that night.  He said he wanted to come back to church and he did end up coming this week!  He will be a slow process but once he is baptized because all his co-workers and friends are members he will have good fellowship(which he already does now)  to keep him going and Endure to the End.  이승우 장로 and I will work hard and try to keep 세종 going strong.  I have felt the Lords direction and love so much this week and have been lifted up when things seemed dim at times.  This is the Lord's work and every soul is of worth​
Comp and
Gwangju Stake Center

Catholic church

Reminds me of my dad's house 

The dust on the top of my suitcase from not moving it for 7 months....5 Transfers

Eating with Elder Groves 

Fun with Elder Groves 

Less active's sons wedding

Few million dollar houses we found. 

Old town replica we found in the middle of the city 

Our house 

Yankee stuff at a restaurant! Go Yankees
Random Grave 

SongJeong Market