Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 Month Mark!

Cody is doing great. He is still in the same area, new companion and it loving it!

"Time is starting to go by faster and faster for me, its kinda scary cause in 5 months I'll be half way.....thats scary haha.  

My companion is fine!  He doesn't like taking pictures or really doing anything that we americans seem to like to do, or at least thats how he puts it.  idk if you'll get a lot of pics of us.   He's a very structured yet not structured korean haha.  Culture wise he's 100% or nothing.  But he's a hard working which pays off.

This week was good. Our investigators 최태민 and 장검수 both came to church yesterday! The YSA did a great job at fellowshipping and so when we met with 장검수 during 3rd hour we invited him to baptism and he accepted for the 27th of March as well! We were also able to meet a new investigator Giuliano, who is from Brazil. He is here for 6 months with the Rotary program and his interest in the gospel and preparedness is incomprehensible. We met on Friday and gave him the overview of the lessons and our purpose being to bring others to Christ through Baptism. he had question on how his baptism in the catholic church is different, so we gave him the restoration pamphlet in Portuguese since he doesn't really speak any korean but is super good at English. He promised to study it in preparation for our lesson today. However, 조경웅b didn't attend church this week which I feel is a little due to him telling me he felt sup[er pressured in our last lesson with 조용현b. Also, we were not able to met with 이재원b this week so we talked with 정한b and he's more than willing to get things going for a member lesson together this week. Outside of that Im excited to help 최태민 and 장검수 and 손영섭 and Guiliano progress towards baptism before the end of the month! Exciting things in Nongseong are happening and its definitely due to the hard work of the members and our teamwork to bring our investigators "into the fold".

No Pictures this week... Cody's SD card isn't working! 

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