Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Week in Korea

Well the flight was super long!!  The Arctic wasn't exciting because there were clouds everywhere, but Russia was awesome! We ended up flying around the south west of North Korea :\  As you know know my pday is Monday here which is basically Sunday there!  So we got picked up from Incheon Intl Airport by President Shin and his wife and they drove us down to the mission home in Daejeon.  We stayed there for two days. We went to a Korean bath house which was super awkward at first, but it was quite relaxing by the end of it.  Then the day after we got there we went out proselyting in Daejeon with missionaries that have been there a while and let me tell you, there's so many people here and it smells really bad in the city...haha.  There's not much sanitation in Korean cities, but it was super fun!  Daejeon is rough spot in the mission though so not much success up there.  

Thursday we had transfer meeting and I got my trainer!  Elder King from Rexburg, ID has been here about 7 transfers and I'm learning a lot.  I got sent to my first area which is Nongseong Ward in Gwangju!  Apparently it is the most productive part of the mission right now.  It definitely smells better down here ha.  We have a baptism on Saturday which was committed before I came. We also just met a guy yesterday and committed him to baptism after the first meeting!  He's golden, so humble and awesome.  

The Church building we have here in Gwangju is the 2nd biggest in Korea and it more beautiful than 95% of Utah Stake Centers.  4 Stories and the church spent $20,000,000 on it!  So fancy, we just need to get more members to come out. 

 The food is super spicy here.  Something I'm getting used to is 'Food Trash'.  There's a separate trash for all food scraps that we have to take to a different location.  There's so much to tell you about Korea!  I love it but I'm so glad we live in the USA...The quality of living is 5x better.  Anyways, I'm getting better at talking with people, but my conversational Korean is iffy still, and I CANT UNDERSTAND 90% of what they say unless they slow down, they use so much more casual Korean here so I don't even pick it up.  It's gonna take so much work and time before I get it but I know I will if I stay diligent.  Anyways, that's about it from here...I guess we walk a lot like about 10km a day? and we live super far from the church so we take the subway a lot. I'm excited to be serving the lord here.

Eating the spicy food....

Elder King,  My first companion in Korea.

Vocal point came to my last Devotional at the MTC.

Flight to Detroit 

Flight to Korea 


Incheon, Korea 

The church building in my first area. 
 Nongseong Ward in Gwangju

Random Street

Our Apartment 

The View 

Our Beds..... 

President and Sister Shin 

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