Sunday, October 18, 2015

Korea: Week 2

 So that kid that was gonna get baptized had to get the date postponed cause his parents aren't for it anymore :/  Anyways, this week was pretty sad because we didn't get many teaching appointments cause most people cant meet til the weekends. Anyways on Saturday, 3 appointments cancelled so we only got a few lessons and just went street contacting.  I got 2 phone numbers this week! So they'll be coming to our english class and we'll give em an intro to the church.  Also, another tender mercy from the Lord was since we had so many appointments cancel we we're pretty down, but on Sunday there was a man sitting in the chapel who came by himself and so we talked to him and now we have a new investigator!  So the Lord is always looking out for us, despite our stats not looking too great this week he knows we tried.  

 Also there was a guy on the bus yesterday who sang "예수님,예수님, 예수님, 우리의 구주입니다!" and a bunch of other crazy stuff for a straight 45 minutes....then he tried asking me if I knew jesus and I was like "well...I actually do, let me tell you about his church" haha.  

광주 Gwangju is the bomb, I love it here but we drop about 50,000원 every 2 weeks just on travel because we live so far away thats about 1/3 of our total budget.  Our area 농성 is so expensive food wise we have to go to super ghetto grocery stores ways away to get our stuff.  McDonalds is pretty cheap here! haha and you'd be hard pressed to find free refills or water dispensers anywhere.  Anyways, we have about 7 progressing investigators we've gotten recently and it'll be exciting when they get baptized in the next month or so.  

Trying on Glasses... just for fun!


District meeting

Silk Worm Larva 


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