Monday, February 29, 2016

November 8th

I'm so sorry I didn't email last week, but President Shin made all the missionaries in the 3 southern zones go on this hike up to 내장산 so its an hour away and we stayed til 3 and by the time we got back we didn't have enough time :/  It was really beautiful!  wasn't much of a hike haha...Koreans buy hundreds of dollars of hiking gear for this and its basically a nice stroll up to the Buddhist temple on the mountain.  

Elder Ellis and I 

Train ride back to our area

This week was super hard, we are super poor now because we had to pay $10 to go to the hike, then we had TNT so we had to travel up to Daejeon and that cost $25 and only 1 investigator came to our stakes halloween party on Saturday. 
Our investigator Yoon Wan Sheek  윤완식    Hes such a punk but awesome!

 4 of our investigators came to church, they always do, but none of the other 5 that said they would came :/  Keeping commitments is the hardest thing for them, so finding teaching time was rough this week haha.  We just street contacted a ton and member visited but basically all of our appointments dropped on us this week.  I want our investigators to gain a testimony and find peace from the church but they cant when they don't "experiment upon the word".  If theres anything I've realized on the mission it's the importance of commitment keeping!  

The language is still super hard, Im starting to get more comfortable having long conversations with people but Understanding is still almost impossible right now cause of the southern dialect haha.  It's difficult to make out clear words that they say lol ESPECIALLY old people!  

Oh Yeah I almost forgot, So we were downtown near the bus terminal and not many people were out so we tried calling investigators but no one answered so we didn't know what to do so we prayed to find someone to teach.  We walked for about 5 minutes and then we saw this building that said Zingoo Baseball Academy in this sketchy part of town.  We walked in and this guy saw I was white and so he gave me a bat and told me to come hit some!  I was so surprised!  I was pretty nervous since I hadn't held a bat for 4 months but he just started throwing me batting practice and like 5 other guys came out of the office and weight room and started watching.  I starting batting and its like I never stopped playing haha, I was smashing em' and after like 30... we stopped and he said in english " Wow, Nice Bat" and the other guy who ran the place took us over to the front after i put my jacket back on and he said he wanted to let me come in and practice and its usually $360/mo. but he dropped it down to $100 and said to come back.  Obviously we aren't going to go back everyday but we want to go back and see what kind of work we can do through them!  Cool stuff, plus The Kia Tigers are the team here and a good amount of people seem to love baseball :)  All the kids do!

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