Monday, February 29, 2016

Thanksgiving: November 29th

Well This week we fasted every other day for 2 meals 1. because we are crazy and 2. To consecrate and be spiritually in tune for baptismal invitations.  We saw so many miracles this week.  This Dad and his 2 daughters have been meeting with missionaries since July and we just committed them all to baptism on the 26th of December!  You could really feel the spirit so we will say many prayers for them so the date go through!  Although this kid named MOON just started meeting last transfer and he has definitely been prepared.  He said he will pray about baptism this week and see if the 25th would be a good date for him.  Definitely everything Elder Medina and I said were directed by the spirit.  I definitely feel more comfortable teaching in Korean than english I've noticed despite having a much smaller vocab haha.  Anyways,  this is all to make a new record for the mission.  We need 30 baptisms by the end of the year to set the new mission record for baptisms in a year at 200!  So we're grinding super hard right now and President is going so hard trying to achieve it since it's his last year.

Special Thanksgiving 

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