Monday, February 29, 2016

November 15th

So New developments...Transfer calls came in.  My trainer is being sent to the mission home and Im staying in Gwangju and am getting a new companion.  So Im already going to be trainer broken in transfer 2 haha.  Im super happy I get to stay in gwangju though, its like the promised land for the church besides Incheon.  People are super nice here and the city is really nice, despite everything being expensive haha.  So I met Elder Brown at the hike and he is cousins with the Farias's in Spokane North Stake!!!  So he was super happy I knew them and he was trained by Jason Lee!  Small world haha.

 I know the area pretty well but not great...I only know where like 5 members live anyways haha.  Yeah Gwangju is nice, but its not that big haha...The zone does go to the ocean because we have Mokpo in our zone.

Apparently my heel is hollow and it got worn down to the point when it rained its a lake in my left shoe ha

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